All my workshops are about learning how to paint expressively, across the spectrum from abstraction to representation. Learning to paint freely and from imagination. Rather than teaching how to paint like I do, my aim is to encourage and help students to find their natural way of drawing and painting.


I run a number of workshop "series" each year and each series looks at different elements of painting expressively. I choose different topics to keep the workshops fresh and interesting with new learning to be gained each time. Each workshop in the series is stand alone, you just choose a date which suits. That said, many people come on more than one day in a series, to have another go at the exercises and consolidate learning.


My workshops are suitable for all abilities including complete beginners. Participants come with varying goals - professional artists wanting to 'loosen up' their style or find new directions, art teachers seeking to develop their own art, skilled amateur artists wanting to learn new skills and a different way of painting and beginners to art looking for a way to begin.


I encourage students to paint from "inside out". I teach students many different ways to start a drawing or painting and a range of skills and techniques using line, shape and colour. The aim is to help them paint expressively allowing the painting to evolve rather than setting a rigid idea of what it should be. 


The workshops are small, only 6 to 8 participants, and are informal in style. They are held in my Studio at Wildwood, a new eco house overlooking the Surrey Hills.




This June I am taking part in Open Studios and I am running workshops as part of this event. They will be held in my studio overlooking the garden at

Wildwood, Shere Road, West Horsley, Surrey, KT24 6EW


Abstract oils workshops  "The Shape of Colour"


JUNE 8th and 9th - 9.15 to 1.00pm 


Experience the essence of free expression


- Freedom to play with line, shape and colour


- Freedom to use your imagination, be spontaneous


For anyone wanting to paint freely, complete beginners welcome


£40 per session - all proceeds go to charity


To book a place contact Liz    

01483 286900